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This feels like the sort of thing I ought to like. Can't go wrong with a fiction book whose epigram is a description of lambda functions in Python (although it links to w3schools, which is a downside). But this is not a book about programming: it's a story. The wry tone with multiple voices is interesting -- there are chapters which purport to be parts of an EULA for eye-tracker software which is seemingly providing the story to me and to which I "agree" in order to continue -- and it's got an intriguing premise.


So I don't really get why I bounced off this, which is disappointing. It just... failed to keep my interest. I got about a third of the way in and I thought, I don't know why I'm really reading this. I'm not invested in the story at all. So I stopped. The author seems to have reasonable technical chops both at writing and in tech, so I'd consider another of theirs, but... not this one. Sorry.


Thanks to Netgalley for providing a proof of this for review.

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