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The Mistborn Trilogy goodreads

Brandon Sanderson

Hand on heart? I enjoyed the first book, and I double-enjoyed the annotations that Sanderson has on his website. But...I didn't read the other two. I just couldn't face it, and I'm not sure why. It was more interesting to read about the whole Ruin and Preservation story than it was to actually read the story itself, which is some sort of failure to grab my interest. I am not as keen on Sanderson as I feel like I ought to be.

Cleverly worked out details of how all the magic works, though. I am told that this sort of detailed planning is what Sanderson does well. Still, I'm not sure I'll read others.

Warbreaker goodreads

Brandon Sanderson

Averageish story; again, Sanderson proves good at inventing worlds and magic systems and not as good at people. Not sure I bought Lightsong's ending, nor love wherever it showed up. Vasher is cool, though. And Hoid! Cosmere fans must be super happy.

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