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Broken Homes goodreads

Ben Aaronovitch (Rivers of London #4)

Fourth in the Rivers of London series, and we finally get to see Nightingale do something other than Know Stuff That We Do Not. Peter Grant continues to learn things, and the level of research and thought that goes into this stuff becomes more apparent: not being an actual Londoner (Birmingham is a way nicer city), I assumed that Skygarden was real and so was its architect until reaching the afterword. I shall continue to read these to find out more: I wouldn't mind some sort of resolution to the whole thing with Lesley's face, mind, although (handwavily, to avoid spoilers) perhaps that's coming, given the end bit. And what's behind the door with the circles?

The Furthest Station goodreads

Ben Aaronovitch (Rivers of London #5)

More Peter Grant is always welcome. A nice little ghost story novella.

The Hanging Tree goodreads

Ben Aaronovitch (Rivers of London #6)

After the disappointing Foxglove Summer, this has Peter Grant right back on form. I think he's right: he's better in London. More of the same -- Grant snark, accurate-sounding minutiae of Met procedure, distinct lack of heroics -- but I could read stories like that all day and all of the night, and The Hanging Tree has it all in spades. We also get quite a lot of actual plot advancement too, which is good, and Nightingale kicks some more arse when it's required. I'd very much like to read a book from his PoV, but it would be the biggest set of spoilers in all creation and so probably won't ever exist. As with all urban fantasies of this type, you do start to wonder how the masquerade ever gets sustained when it's this thin -- half the coppers in the Met seem to know something about Falcon -- but that's small. And I liked the end bit with Ty. More of this, please, Mr A.

Also, if you're looking for an idea, actually write the Procedures Relating to Special Falcon Incidents Word doc that Peter has to put together, and stick it on your website. That would be an excellent read.

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