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Andy Weir

Bought after watching the film, of course. There's a lot in common with the film; a great deal of the dialogue is almost verbatim between the two. The film also maintains the book's "told through log entries" conceit, and most (but not all) of the funny lines.

Essentially, it's The Mysterious Island on Mars. How to jury-rig solutions to technical problems with what you have on hand, although what with this being (very?) near future rather than Victorian, it's mostly about how to couple power supplies rather than how to derive saltpetre from rocks. I think the film's a little tighter, but the scientist in me likes that the book has more space to explain how some of the things actually work; films can't do that anywhere near as well, unless they're incomprehensible non-layman tracts like Primer was. On the other hand, the film is almost entirely composed of majesty and the book is hardly majestic at all, which is something you can much more convincingly pull off with a camera and a David Bowie soundtrack. The film made the right decision in including the Iron Man action, too.

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