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My name is Stuart. I do strategic thinking and synthesis: pulling together the web, open source, and product design to make cool things. I can understand your business, and work with both management and the dev team. I provide advice and expertise. I do custom development for the web, mobile, and Ubuntu. I write code. I have a blog. I write professionally for websites, magazines, and books. Read more about what I do.

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My published writing. I’ve written books and technical articles, developer documentation and specifications. You can get a sample of some of my published writing on my writing page. If you’d like me to write for you, contact me for a discussion.

You don't need all that JavaScript, I promise. JavaScript is your behaviour layer. But at some point the tail started wagging the dog and development became JS-first. Why to not rely on it as much as you're told to, and practical strategies for how to avoid a framework as first, last, and only tool. See the video and slides.

The UX of Text. About bots, and how they shouldn't pretend to be humans. About how user experience is more than just user interface. About language, and how a word can be worth a thousand pictures. About le mot juste. About where we go next. See the video and slides.

Privacy could be the next big thing. People are scared about what's being done with their data. We need to stop building and start explaining a world can exist where you still have all the same internet superpowers that you have today and don't feel uneasy. See the video and slides.

Architecture and system design for the complete rebuild of a high-traffic signup process for a major political party.

Architecture and system design for an accessibility project for two international airlines and a major accessibility consultancy.

Riddling, a top game for iOS, Android, Firefox OS, and Ubuntu, as featured in the New York Times.

, a mobile web app for sending just-taken photos to people near you, as featured by BBC Click.

Technical documentation and posts for AeroFS.

Technical writing and conducting the Open Source Leaders series of audio interviews for Bitnami.

Node.js servers and Firefox add-ons for BrightRoll Inc.

Written articles and op-eds for Ubuntu User magazine.

Worked with Storythings and Click to create The Noise, an iPad web way of publishing a play to create an immersive digital experience.

Retained by Opera Software to build a bookmark manager app for their new browser.

I worked on Ubuntu One, the personal cloud service.

Numerous projects in association with Command Line Interactive.

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