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What is the AFE Knowledge Repository?

This, also called the nvFAQ, is intended to be a place where you can find answers to all those questions that have really bugged you about Eddings' work. Things like "so how does Dryad genetics actually work?" and "Klael's army; if they breathe methane, how does their respiratory system work?" and "How does Zalasta cast a fireball at Sephrenia at the end of tHC?"
If you've ever wondered about these things, then the nvFAQ is for you!

The aim here is to make this a truly comprehensive database of information. It will not get that way without help. If there's anything that you feel should be included in the nvFAQ, please contact me.

Articles in the nvFAQ

Dryad genetics
Dryad genetics: alternative explanation
History and details of aliases and registration
The Silver Suggestions
Is Garion immortal?
If there's a noise in the forest and there's no-one there to hear it, is it really a sound?
Who would Zubrette have married if Garion and Doroon hadn't left Faldor's farm?
The relationship between a Dryad and her tree
How does Zalasta perform magic after Cyrgon is dead? Musings on Styric magic
What's the difference between events, Events and EVENTS? Some terminology, and thoughts on the nature of the confrontation between Necessities