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AFE was newgrouped after the following message:

From Sat May 16 21:15:26 1992
Control: newgroup
Newsgroups: alt.config
From: (Bob Snyder)
Subject: newgroup
Organization: GE Aerospace, Advanced Technology Labs, Moorestown, NJ
Date: Sun, 17 May 1992 02:03:58 GMT
Lines: 34

This is being posted for Lydia Leong (, who cannot do this herself.

There's been a lot of positive response, via email, to my alt.config proposal to create

A statement of group purpose and why it'd be useful to have follows.


Newsgroup purpose: to discuss the worlds of David Edddings, related issues in fantasy, and fan activities.

Reason for the new group:

rec.arts.sf.written has experienced many discussions of David Eddings in the past. Many of these have been "holy wars" involving discussions of whether or not Eddings is a "good" writer; most fan questions have gotten lost in the flame wars and none of the existing rec.arts.sf.* groups have provided a good place to discuss Eddings' works.
In addition, it might be beneficial for players of the Belgariad MUSH to have a newsgroup where they can discuss issues and post articles on the current state of the role-playing game (much as mixes general Pern discussion with PernMUSH role-playing discussion).
This group will hopefully provide a place to discuss David Eddings' novels and the worlds he has created, without subjecting its readers to the volume of postings and the flamage on the rec.arts.sf.* groups.
Bob Snyder, or
Computing Services ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ if it bounces, try ^^^^^^^^
GE Aerospace, Advanced Technology Labs (609) 866-6672 FX: (609) 866-6397"

Since then, like all long lived newsgroups, it has attracted a cast of regular posters, and it has certain house rules. Some of these rules are outlined in the regular FAQ (available at Guardians of the West -- see the AFE resources) and there also exist the Silver Suggestions (see nvFAQ article Silver Suggestions) and the alias convention (see nvFAQ article Alias Registration).
The group has a free-wheeling, humorous and jocular nature. The residents are friendly, and generally kind to newbies. There is also a fair proportion of off-topic posting.